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Earth Day Celebration!!!

Our Earth Day Celebration is happening on April 27 2019!!!

It is going on from 9 am to 6 pm. 

We will be giving away plants after your purchase of any amount!!!

Our guest speaker will be Dr. Fred Kaufman and he will speak at 1:00 pm

There is a bio about him below. 

Dr. Fred Kaufman is a natural health researcher, health coach, product formulator, inventor, lecturer, and author. He began his research over 45 years ago in an effort to solve his own health problems after being disappointed with the lack of results from medical treatments. Symptoms that had troubled him for 19 years were gone in just a few months. This experience highly motivated him to learn more and was the start of a lifelong journey in the field of natural health.

Fifteen years later, his mother was told by the Mayo Clinic that she only had a few months to live due to 4th stage melanoma cancer. They told her there was nothing they could do. Fortunately, Dr. Fred had learned enough about restoring health that he was able to help save his mother and she lived to be 88, another 30 years.                   (Learn more of Dorothy's miracle story at www.dorothykaufman.com.)

He went on to work in 2 medical clinics as a nutritionist because of his reputation in the community helping others overcome health challenges. In 1995, he was a guest speaker at the International Cancer Conference in Stockholm Sweden. He has continued to share his knowledge throughout the U.S. and Canada.     

In 1994, Dr. Fred began working with minerals and water. It was because of this area of research that he discovered two physical laws of health that apply to everything that has life on our planet. He found that it is impossible to truly be healthy without first obeying these laws. Once these laws are addressed, the body is able to repair and restore itself. Further proof can be found through application of these laws with animals and plants.

Dr. Fred is constantly engaged in research that now spans nearly 50 years, in an effort to find the fastest, easiest ways for individuals to restore their health. He has formulated and invented natural health products that have produced amazing results. One of his famous quotes sums it up best: “A reward more valuable than gold is knowing you have helped someone live a better life.” 

Dr. Fred will be sharing these fundamental and foundational laws as well as other scientific principles at The Nutrition Center in Bowling Green, Ky. The owner, Katy Jennings and Dr. Fred have become lifelong friends over the course of many years.